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Instructional Designer


Job Type

Gross Salary

Full TIme

KES 90,000 - 120,000



About the Role

As the first Instructional Designer at Zeraki, you will be instrumental in creating digital educational content that is pedagogically sound, engaging, and tailored to the needs of high school students across a broad range of subjects. This role involves deep collaboration with subject matter experts and technology teams to design learning experiences that are effective and enjoyable. You will collaborate with expert teachers to translate their rich, in-class teaching experiences into digital formats that resonate with and engage students across Africa.

● Collaborate closely with high school teachers to design and develop digital educational content across the full range of high school subjects.
● Utilize instructional design principles to ensure that digital content is pedagogically sound and tailored to diverse learning styles.
● Guide subject matter experts in best practices for digital content creation, ensuring materials are both educational and engaging.
● Develop and implement training sessions for teachers on effective digital content creation.
● Evaluate the effectiveness of digital instructional materials through feedback from students and teachers, using this data to drive continuous improvement.
● Maintain awareness of current instructional design trends and best practices to optimize learning experiences.



★ Passionate about leveraging technology to transform education.

★ 3-5 years of experience in instructional design, particularly in digital formats and collaborative environments. 

★ Strong understanding of educational psychology, instructional theories, and their application in digital learning. 

★ Experience in designing assessments and integrating user feedback into product improvements. 

★ Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively work with teachers who may not have prior experience in digital content development. 

★ Excellent communication and project management skills, capable of leading initiatives with minimal supervision.

★ A background in teaching is not required but would be an advantage.

What we offer

● A key role in an organization that's leading educational transformation in Africa.
● Opportunity to work with a dynamic team that values innovation and impact.
● Support for professional development and access to cutting-edge technologies.
● A vibrant, inclusive, and empowering work environment.

Our culture

At Zeraki, our strength is rooted in our vibrant culture, driven by a shared commitment for integrity, learning, and excellence. Our environment demands the highest standards and focuses on delivering results. We hire and develop the best, manage through trust, value empathy, and practice having a backbone in all our dealings. We are a team that thrives on freedom, responsibility, and the pursuit of excellence. Joining us means being part of a community dedicated to growth, innovation, and transformation.

About the Company

Zeraki is a pioneering EdTech startup on a mission to redefine education across Africa. Our innovative technology tools are designed to make learning more accessible, effective, and engaging for parents, teachers, and students alike. At the heart of Zeraki is a deep-rooted passion for harnessing the power of education to unlock the potential of the continent's youth and drive transformative change. Zeraki
proudly serves over 2.7 million users in 10 countries, establishing itself as one of Africa's leading EdTech companies.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Zeraki was the proud recipient of the African Union Commission Innovating Education in Africa Award in 2022. Zeraki is one of three EdTech companies participating in the 2024 cohort of the EY AI SDG Accelerator and is also part of the 2024 cohort of the Microsoft Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact Program. Through these accolades and partnerships, Zeraki continues to shape the future of learning in Africa, demonstrating the
transformative role of technology in education.

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