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Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with Zeraki Learning

Learn from  Kenya's best teachers

Zeraki brings the best high school teachers home and empowers students to excel in exams and beyond.

Start Your Child's Learning Journey with Zeraki

Improving your child's grades is possible!

Give your child access to a comprehensive digital learning platform, that comprises video lessons and assessment tests developed by some of Kenya’s best teachers.

Track your child’s study progress anytime, anywhere to identify areas that need improvement.

Learn new concepts by watching video lessons.

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Video Lessons

Test knowledge and understanding of topics. 

Topical quizzes

A laboratory on your phone.


Standardized exam papers with marking schemes.

Exam Papers

Make learning Fun

Engage students with assignments, notes and revision material on mobile.

Access & track students’ engagement with assignments and notes provided by the school

Track the general learning progress for individual students

Access to KICD-approved content for complimentary teaching.

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