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How Zeraki Learning Helped Me Improve From D to A- in Physics

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

student who used Zeraki Learning to improve from D to A-
Joseph Ng'anga Former Candidate at Aquinas High

"The very first time I interacted with Zeraki was back during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had been home for almost nine months, so I thought that since we had stayed home for so long, we would automatically repeat classes.

So I never bothered to study, but then we were told we would move to the next class, and you can guess the pressure I was under.

I was sad because I had forgotten even the simplest concepts in almost every subject. I could not remember how to do simple sums, so it was very traumatizing for me.

It even reached a point where I thought of repeating form 2. That’s when I discovered Zeraki Learning for the first time.

Zeraki Learning helped me because I could review concepts for form 2 even when I went back to school as a form 3. It helped me catch up, so I didn’t have to repeat. But I only used Zeraki Learning for that time.

A year later, in Form 4, the very first exam I did, I got a C+ of 46 points. In all sciences, I had Ds. In chemistry and Biology, I had D, and in Physics, I had a D-. You can tell I had performed poorly in the key subjects.

So I thought to myself, ‘I’m in form 4, KCSE is coming, the teachers are rushing with the syllabus, and I haven't understood much.’ That’s when I remembered my experience with Zeraki a year ago. So when we went home for the April holiday, I strategized, and I began using Zeraki Learning again.

I would study a concept using the recorded videos on the app; then, I would pause and write down what the teacher was saying.

There were questions after every concept, and this would help me test myself.

I liked using Zeraki Learning because I got the opportunity to understand the concepts at my own pace. I could also study at a time of my convenience, so I set my study time between 4 and 8 a.m. when things were quiet.

When I went back to school in May, I noticed that people began consulting me in the sciences. In fact, the last exams I did for form 4 second time, I had improved in Biology and Chemistry, but I was still getting Ds in Physics. So when we closed for the August Holiday, I purposed to focus on Physics for the two weeks.

So I started with Form 1 physics, and I chose the topics that I was weak at. I used the same method as before, where I would watch the videos on Zeraki learning, pause them, and internalize what the teachers were saying. I did this until I covered all the topics in Physics that I was weak at from form 1 to form 4.

When I went back for third term, things were swift for me. From the D that I got in Physics at the end of second term, I improved to an A-

And from the C+ of 46 points that I had as a mean grade in April, by third term, my grade was a B+ of 73 points. In fact, I missed getting an A- with only a single point.

Personally, I’m not the kind of person who understands easily when a teacher teaches because I need time to internalize and reflect. But with Zeraki Learning, I could move at my own pace and focus on my areas of weaknesses.

I can say that the app really helped me improve, and that’s why I even recommended it to people who were in school.

Because of my experience, I realized that the reason some students struggle in school is not because they're not smart, but because they need extra time to grasp things. That's where Zeraki Learning comes in.

With Zeraki Learning, they can move at their own pace and take their time to really understand the concepts in different subjects. That’s my journey with Zeraki."

If you also struggle with understanding concepts taught in high school or you just need more time to learn, don’t hesitate– download Zeraki Learning today.

With Zeraki Learning, you can learn and re-learn at your own pace using Videos recorded by the best teachers in Kenya , interactive quizzes, KCSE past papers, and practice exams.

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