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The Heroes Behind Our Mission: World Teachers Day Feature with Judy Macharia


Judy Macharia is the principal of Our Lady of Fatima Kiriko Girls Secondary School

ZERAKI: Thanks for joining us, Judy. What inspired you to become a teacher, and how has your journey led you to your current role as principal?

JUDY: Growing up, my aunt and grandfather were teachers, and they inspired me to become one too. My journey as both a teacher and a principal has not been easy, and it has come with its own challenges.

For example, I had to move from Kitui due to family issues and transferred to Our Lady of Fatima Kiriko Girls Secondary School. Despite the challenges, I’ve learned a lot, and my experiences have made me stronger and more determined to help students.

ZERAKI: Could you share with us a special moment during your teaching career that meant a lot to you?

JUDY: A special moment for me was when I had the opportunity to mentor and walk with a student who had lost his parents during the 2008 post-election clashes. Today, he’s an architect, and I’m very proud of him.

ZERAKI: That’s really inspiring. In your opinion, what makes a great teacher, and how do you support your teachers in achieving this in the classroom?

JUDY: I think what makes a great teacher is dedication, commitment, teamwork, and walking with your students when they have challenges.

As principal, I love supporting my teachers to uphold these values by organizing regular departmental meetings and mentorship sessions for them.

ZERAKI: It’s great that you provide a supportive educational environment. Can you share some insights into the digital tools that you use in Our Lady of Fatima Kiriko Girls Secondary School?

JUDY: Since we’re a technology-oriented school, we use a biometric system to make sure the girls are safe inside the school. We’ve also integrated Zeraki Learning to help my students study when they’re at home for the holidays.

ZERAKI: How has Zeraki changed how your students learn and how your school operates?

JUDY: Through Zeraki Learning, my students have been able to watch comprehensive videos and study with the exams on the platform. As a school, we also use Zeraki Analytics to send text messages to many parents at once and to create digital report forms for our students. I like that the platform is also pocket-friendly for us.

ZERAKI: Judy, thank you once again for your insights. As we wrap up our conversation, do you have a parting message you would like to share with teachers on World Teachers Day?

JUDY: Definitely. Teachers, please remember that ICT is the way to go. At Our Lady of Fatima Kiriko Girls Secondary School, we champion STEM education, where we use technology to make learning interesting for our students.

Let’s use technology to make learning engaging and prepare our students for their bright future.

Happy Teachers' Day🎉🎉 Thank you for using Zeraki to educate and inspire the future generation. You’re the true heroes behind our mission 🦸🏽‍♂️🦸🏽

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